Drinking Culture And Responsible Service of Alcohol

Drinking Culture is something that has been evolving for quite some time, and the Responsible Service of Alcohol Course teaches you how to deal with this culture. This does not mean that the Responsible Service of Alcohol course is against drinking all together, but it teaches you how to deal with people who take the culture a little bit too far and could end up hurting themselves. Since the beginning of the drinking culture takeoff, it has been the recurring trend that bar tenders are the sober ones who can look after patrons who have had a little bit too much to drink, and the Responsible Service of Alcohol course continues that tradition.

Where Did This Culture Come From? Responsible Service of Alcohol

The drinking culture varies greatly around the world. In the Western world it has now grown to a bit of weekend fun. Drinking culture came from, social drinking without the intention to get drunk, so that people could enjoy themselves a little more and take some time off work for relaxation.

Drinking Etiquette And Responsible Service of Alcohol

Drinking etiquette ultimately refers to ‘how we should drink.’ But you might be interested to know where it came from. It was simply a man named William Greaves in England, who wrote ‘Greaves Rules’ for a newspaper that were based on his drinking experiences. These rules were then re-published in the Daily Telegraph and set out to start the common guidelines we follow today on such things as buying rounds of drinks, and buying each other drinks.

The Responsible Service of Alcohol Course’s Role

The responsible service of alcohol is crucial in today’s drinking society. It upholds safe drinking etiquette and it keeps drinking to the way that it should be in a bar or pub. Interestingly enough, the drinking etiquette by William Greaves was backed up by a ‘Kate Fox’ who wrote a similar article, instead about the need for safety in drinking as etiquette. She argued it was the most important thing for people to keep violence to a minimum when in a bar, and this is what the Responsible Service of Alcohol teaches and enforces. By teaching bar tenders to deal with people drinking too much and getting violent. It is for this reason that you should jump online and complete your Responsible Service of Alcohol course. It will allow you to serve safely at any liquor serving establishment around Australia. Oh, and if you are looking for more information on drinking culture, look here.



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