Drinking Alcohol While Pregnant More Dangerous Than Cannabis use In The Long Run

Recent data has shown that mothers who drink alcohol during pregnancy are exposing their unborn babies to a greater long term risk than mothers who do hard core drugs while pregnant.

Alarming statistics were released by ACT Health revealing that one baby is born addicted to drug, tobacco or alcohol every fortnight in Canberra.

While more mothers are accessing services to help beat their substance abuse during pregnancy,many mothers are still drinking alcohol and exposing their babies to long term health risks.

Since experts aren’t 100 per cent sure about what amount of alcohol is safe for consumption during pregnancy, it’s best to abstain completely. Find out more at https://www.canberratimes.com.au/national/act/pregnant-women-drinking-alcohol-put-babies-at-greater-risk-than-those-abusing-drugs-20180413-p4z9hu.html


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