Drink without Destroying Your Diet

Source: Pixabay.com

We’ve often heard that alcohol contains empty calories, providing no nutritional benefits but holding a lot of calories, so naturally it can have an impact on our diet.

According to a nutritionist, gram for gram alcohol provides 29 kilojoules (protein and carbs have 17, while fat has 38).

The typical serving size of wine in a restaurant is 150mLs, which contains about 418 kilojoules  or 100 calories and cocktails are even worse with a standard mojito containing 710 kilojoules or 170 calories.

While red wine is beneficial to your heart health and numerous other health benefits are associated with moderate drinking, excessive drinking has a converse effect, linked to many diseases like cancer and diabetes.

Ultimately, being aware of how much you’re drinking is the key. How many standard drinks are you consuming and how many calories are contained in that drink.  Also it’s important to stick to the guidelines – no more than 2 standard drinks a day for an adult.

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