Do Drinkers Live Longer?

The issue of whether or not drinking alcohol is beneficial to your health is a contentious one with alot of conflicting research, some suggesting that moderate consumption can extend life by benefiting the heart and others suggesting that there is no safe alcohol levels.

Moderate drinking which is described as between 2 and 7 glasses of wine a week, has been shown to ward off depression and the same study also revealed that heavy drinking is a risk factor for depression.

However now there has been a large scale study -The Health and Retirement Study (HRS), described as one of the most indepth studies on alcohol consumption and death risk in the USA, presenting findings of a 16 year follow-up period.

The results show that moderate and occasional drinkers have lower death rates than non-drinkers.

The study found that people who didn’t drink at all actually had higher mortality rates.

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