Decrease in Alcohol Related Incidents on Adelaide Buses

According to a report on the instances of drunk passengers causing disturbances on public buses is quite a common occurrence.

The post on quoted statistics from Transfield Services which revealed that drunk passengers and those drinking alcohol were responsible for almost half of the incidents on buses travelling on 2 of Adelaide’s busiest bus routes in the past 10 months.

According to the post Transfield Services statistics show that 432 incidents have been reported since 2 Wilson Security guards were hired in May to monitor the situation. The security guards are tasked with watching bus interchanges, known as hot spots and trouble services which occur on the weekends (Thursday and Sunday nights).

There were a number of passengers who were drunk and these passengers seem to cause most of the incidents on Adelaide’s buses. There have now been calls for more guards to be hired to protect the safety of drivers as well as other passengers. So far the new guards have had a positive impact on bus safety.

The post on goes on to state:

Buses on the O-BahnPassengers who were intoxicated or drinking accounted for 47 per cent of incidents, while a further 29 per cent were of incidents involved passengers displaying abusive, anti-social and offensive behaviour.

The detection rates have prompted calls from the Transport Workers Union to hire more guards to protect drivers and passengers.

Transfield, which operates 43 per cent of Adelaide’s bus network along the outer northeast and north-south routes through its subsidiary Light-City Buses, said incident numbers had dropped by about one-third since the introduction of security guards.

Incident reporting before the guards were hired was recorded from driver and public feedback.

Transfield Services SA general manager Mark Duckett said the security guards had provided greater safety for passengers and confidence to bus drivers.

Mr Duckett said a third guard was hired in March to provide increased support.

“We are always looking for ways to improve the journey for our passengers … to increase support covering the city’s rail and bus connections, especially where buses are replacing rail services,” he said.

One in four incidents in the past 10 months involved suspicious behaviour, trespassing, graffiti and fighting on buses and at interchanges.

Guards can also check tickets and escort passengers to their cars and their cars are equipped with CCTV cameras, GPS equipment and first aid kits.


The post goes on to explain that Transport Workers Union representative Ian Gonsalves said it would lobby the Government for more security guards to increase driver and passenger safety.

While it is commendable that people are using public transport rather than drink driving, people should not be binge drinking or drinking to the extent that they become raucous and out of hand, especially in public, thereby becoming a threat to public safety.

When drinking it is vital people do so responsibly and in moderation. Going out for a drink at the end of a hard day’s work is every person’s prerogative and can enhance relaxation and promote socialisation but excessive drinking not only places you as the drinker at risk but can result in behaviour that may land you in hot water.