Dealing With Conflict – RSA Training

There’s no use getting riled up – teaches RSA Training

It will happen, either, with a patron or a coworker, conflict will happen; and when it does, you need to remember your RSA training. You may feel the impulse to yell or be snotty to someone who had ruffled your feathers. This is absolutely not the way to deal with conflict. First and foremost, you need to remember that you are the bartender, most likely you will get your way, so being overly rude or hateful is pointless and unprofessional. Here are a few ways to help smooth over a bad situation.

RSA Training helps you know what to doRSA Training

– Restate your point, in different words. There may be a misunderstanding. Bars where the music is loud, it is common for misunderstandings to occur – as the RSA training course will teach you. – Make it clear that you are going to remain professional by not raising your voice or threatening. If you keep your cool, most likely, the situation won’t escalate. Resorting to name calling is asking for trouble. – Don’t be passive aggressive. It is still aggressive, even if you are not shouting. Slamming shakers and fake smiles can cause just as much tension as all out ranting, sometimes more. – Ask what you can do to resolve the situation. If you can’t do it, present them with a compromise or alternative – RSA training shows this is the best thing to do. – Go directly to that person. Badmouthing someone behind their back is underhanded and makes you look like the bad guy. Second hand information is usually blown way out of proportion, so a harmless gripe can turn into a false threat. – If the conflict is ongoing, like with a coworker, talk to them outside of work. Keep it personal. Having witnesses may likely spur on a conflict, causing the other person to try to look better or get the better of you with verbal abuse, just to try to impress others. – If you have tried to resolve the situation and have failed, ask for help. Security may need to be called, or you may want to give your manager a heads up that there is a conflict. Waiting until a fight happens or a customer complains is waiting too late. – Keep in mind that your customers will pick up on your attitude. A bad one will cost you sales and and tips. Don’t let anyone ruin your entire night, once the situation is over, move on. But you will learn all this in the RSA training course. Make sure you watch the funny video below, for some demonstrations of dealing with a drunk.

The kinds of aggression that you may see will be unreasonable. Without proper RSA training, you could easily find yourself in a fight at your workplace – which is not what you want to happen. You may end up being fired and should be avoided at all costs. So go online and get your RSA training certificate today – so you can handle conflict resolution PROPERLY!