Calls For Lower Alcohol Taxes on Vic Pubs and Clubs


The Victorian branch of the Australian Hotels Association has blamed the high price of drinks at pubs and clubs for alcohol fuelled violence and anti-social behaviour fuelled by alcohol and is calling for alcohol taxes on venues to be lowered.

The AHA Vic Branch says that if alcohol taxes are decreased, venues could lower the price of their alcohol which will minimise people pre-loading. At the moment patrons drink about 80 per cent of the drinks for the night at home and only 20 per cent is consumed on the premise because of the high price. They say this is contributing to drunkenness and anti-social behaviour.

The group is now lobbying for taxes on pub and bar drinks to be lowered, with the aim of “luring” people back to these venues.

The AHA says licensed venues were better equipped to deal with the responsible service of alcohol nowadays and are ready for more customers.

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