Best Way to Tackle a Hangover this Holiday Season

With Christmas and New Years behind us most of us will be getting back into the routine of normal life but chances are you may have one or two more soirees planned before this happens and after all that drinking you will probably need a few quick fixes to help to feel your best.

Although we should be drinking responsibly enough to avoid a hangover, sometimes we tend to overdo it over the holidays so remember these tips to help you avoid that dreaded morning after feeling.

Because dehydration is the cause of that horrible feeling you get when you’re hung-over it is important to drink plenty of water especially in-between drinks and before you go to bed.

Instead of the unhealthy and heavy comfort food we crave, have a healthy pasta dish with protein, fat and anti-flammatory nutrients obtainable from garlic to clean the gut and keep the immune system healthy.

Nutritionists also suggest eating full fat Greek yoghurt to help restore beneficial gut flora in the intestines which are disrupted by alcohol.

Another excellent “super food” is coconut water which will not only hydrate your body but replenish lost electrolytes while milk thistle tablets will help to detox it. Charcoal supplements are also a good way of absorbing toxins from the gut.

Remember that alcoholic drinks are high in calories, so if you don’t want to put on added pounds keep track of how many calories you’re not only eating but drinking as well.

Vitamin B3 is a good way to start the recovery process as it will help break down the alcohol in the body and thereby help minimise the effect of the hangover the next day.

When embarking on a heavy night of drinking, avoid greasy and fatty foods which are harder to metabolise and break down, they alcohol slows this process even more, causing your body to store more fat.

According to a post on which was compiled using the advice of nutritional experts and trainers, this is how you cure a hangover:

hangover_729_20131223175615676993-620x349Eat a avocado pasta dish (quinoa pasta, avocado, garlic, Greek yoghurt and parmesan cheese)

Drink coconut water before during and after eating the dish

Take milk thistle and Vitamin B before during and after the meal

Take charcoal capsules to absorb toxins

Take carnitine and hydroxycitric acid to burn fat

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Let’s not forget the importance of moderation over the silly season. Although most view it as the season for excess, drinking in excess over the holidays may seem like fun at the time but it can have dire consequences, more severe than just a hangover or some weight gain. Alcohol fuelled sicknesses, diseases, violence and road accidents are also a common part of the festive season, don’t let your new year’s fun be ruined by a tragedy caused by drinking too much.