Alcohol Ruining the Lives of Young People in NSW

New South Wales like many other states is suffering from the effects of excessive drinking on the youth and according to the opposition if the state government does not act soon many more young lives may be ruined by the scourge of excessive alcohol.

The opposition has called upon the NSW government to “stand up” to the liquor lobby to reduce the amount of drunken violence plaguing the state particularly involving the state’s young people. They have called upon the government to limit the availability of alcohol.

The following excerpt from an article on explains:

Alcohol  ruining our young    The Border MailMORE young lives will be ruined by alcohol-fuelled violence unless the NSW government stands up to the liquor lobby, the opposition has said.

Labor’s health spokesman Andrew McDonald yesterday said the worst-ever drunken violence in the state could be reduced by restricting alcohol availability.

“I have spent 40 years working in the health system and I know no one has ever seen such dreadful violence,” Dr McDonald said.

He laid the blame for the 540 people arrested at the weekend in NSW during Operation Unite, a police crackdown on alcohol-fuelled violence, at the state government’s door.

“This government does not have the guts to stand up to the liquor lobby,” Dr McDonald said.

“Until this problem is sorted, these assaults will continue and we will see innocent lives ruined.”

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A particular area of concern in Sydney is the city centre and the Kings Cross district where Labor is calling for 1am lockouts.

The violence is not however confined to NSW, Queensland has apparently also been the source of high levels of violence fuelled by alcohol as discovered during Operation Unite.

In the state of Queensland, 430 people were arrested and a police officer was stabbed in the neck at a bar during the operation.

Victoria showed the greatest improvements in terms of reduction in violence during the Operation with only 76 people being arrested.

In Sydney an incident on Bondi Beach left one 23 year old man critical in hospital, as the article on points out:

In Sydney, a 23-year-old man remains in a critical condition in St Vincent’s Hospital after he was punched and stomped on in front of dozens of revellers at Bondi Beach early on Saturday.

He was one of several young men who were king hit over the weekend, with assaults at Darling Harbour, Kings Cross, Rozelle and the city centre.

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Although police were pleased that the number of people arrested compared to last year was lower, they were dissatisfied with the level of violence which they believed had escalated this year due to the effects of alcohol. One police official, Detective Superintendent Gavin Dengate said,

“People think they’re seven-foot-tall and bullet-proof, that they can do what they want and get away with it.”

Medical staff described St Vincent’s Hospital emergency department as a “zoo” on Friday night.

“You would be mocking the anguish of our nurses or doctors if you talked about reductions in alcohol-related assaults,” hospital spokesman

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