Alcohol Fueled Violence Statistics – Get Your RSA Certificate To Help Stop Them

There are an increasing amount of alcohol fueled violent attacks that are occurring each year, and they are getting more and more dangerous, which is why you need to go online and grab your rsa certificate, to stop this kind of violence. It was reported in Sydney that for every liquor retailer that opened, there would be another 4-5 annual alcohol fueled violence attacks. This is a very alarming statistic and shows just how dangerous people can be under the influence of alcohol, and when they cannot control their actions. The RSA Certificate course fights this kind of aggression by training the sources of alcohol (bartenders, liquor stores salesmen and restaurant workers) to deal with this kind of aggression by not serving people who look like they have already had too much to drink. This means that you have to be able to look  out for signs in people that show they have been drinking too much, and when you spot some of these signs, you need to have the audacity to say ‘no’ and not serve them, otherwise they could just end up being another statistic.

How Do I Say No? The RSA Certificate Course Teaches You How

The RSA course online teaches you to deal with all kinds of people, and in a shorter time than any other course, while still being as efficient and straightforward as the other courses. The online course that can be completed at any time tells you how to say no to people. The basics of it are pretty simple though, you always stay calm (NEVER lose your cool), you be polite in all cases, you never try arguing with a drunk, and you stick to your position in not serving someone who has had too much to drink. Don’t let them push you around.

RSA Certificate Course – Is The Necessity Really There?   RSA Certificate

Yes, the short answer is, yes. You NEED to be able to say no, for so many reasons. If you allow someone to drink too much, they could: Pass out in a dangerous location and be robbed, Overdose on alcohol and require a stomach pump, Attempt to drive home in a drunken state, Start fights with people, Cause public destruction and violence. These are only some of the reasons that you need to control how much people drink, and there are many more reasons that you might see if working in a club or bar. Remember that you are 25 times more likely to be involved in an altercation or fight, if you are within twenty meters of a liquor outlet. Either way, the safest route to take is to complete the RSA Course online, as it will allow you to serve safely and responsibly, in any situation! So get online and grab your RSA Certificate today.