Alcohol Delivery for Teenagers A Concern


Concerns are mounting over teenagers ordering alcohol online.

Some of the websites delivering alcohol to homes are Airtasker, Jimmy Brings and Liquoroo which require a credit card and a smart phone.

Although the law requires users to be over the age of 18, some accounts can be made with fake birthdays which don’t require verification and the service requires delivery drivers to check ID upon arrival.

According to a NSW Office of Liquor and Gaming spokesman a range of controls are in place to regulate online liquor sales and sellers must follow a strict set of procedures. The spokesperson reminded businesses that it is an offence for alcohol ordered online to be delivered to a minor.

The office is currently focusing on regulation of online and home delivery alcohol sales.

One solution would be to ensure delivery drivers complete Responsible Service of Alcohol training so they can understand how to sell alcohol in a responsible way and the consequences for not doing so.

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