Alcohol and Drug Induced Violence against Paramedics Grows

New South Wales paramedics are being subjected to verbal and physical abuse at the hands of alcohol and drug affected people while on duty, and many are now admitting the threat of violence is just part of the territory.

At least sixty times this year, paramedics have been assaulted, verbally and physically, the New South Wales Ambulance Service has revealed.

New safety guidelines have been introduced which are aimed at protecting paramedics during their shifts.

NSW Health Services Union boss Gerard Hayes said paramedics being subjected to violence by patients and members of the public was the norm and these figures are in fact “grossly under-reported”.

Paramedics are fearful to go out and do their job because of how they will be treated. Mr Hayes says they worry if they will actually make it home safely at the end of their shift.

Mr Hayes wants the guidelines to address this under reporting of attacks and near-misses and wanted to ensure that paramedics were dispatched in teams of at least 2. Read more at


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