Alcohol Abuse on The Rise, but Whats the Solution?


While the quantity of alcohol being consumed is declining, as Australians opt for quality over quantity, those that are abusing alcohol are getting more drunk and causing more harm.

Workers on the front line, such as those from the Broome sober-up shelter say people are drinking so severely that they cant even walk themselves in, they have to be brought in wheelchairs.

They say over the 18 years since the shelter opened, the severity of intoxication has increased and breathalysing clients has revealed this increase in intoxication levels.

One solution that has been put forward, is the introduction of a minimum floor price for alcohol.

This would mean that alcohol could not be sold cheaper than the floor price set per alcohol unit.

This method has proven successful in other countries like Canada and as a result, state governments such as the WA government are considering it as a solution to the alcohol abuse problem. There are some people that believe this would give rise to an even bigger problem, that of black market alcohol.

As servers of alcohol we must ensure we aren’t contributing to the problem. We can do our part by adhering to Responsible Service of Alcohol rules.

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