Adding Smokiness to Your Cocktails

To add another dimension of flavour to your cocktails and take the taste to the next level, why not add a hint of smokiness to enhance the drink?



Here’s how.

  1. Add smoke with spirits

The writer of the blog suggests rinsing a glass in a scotch such as Compass Box’s The Peat Monster, or popular Laphroaig.

2. Try Charcoal Aging

Put what you want to age into an air tight container and add some natural hardwood charcoal.
Seal and store in a dark, cool dry place. Taste every few days to check when its ready.

3. Try a Smoked Tea

Use Lapsang Souchong tea, a black tea with a smoked flavour. Either infuse the spirit you want to use with the tea or use it to make a simple syrup.

4. Smoking the glass

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