82 Killed in Indonesia from Bootleg Alcohol

Australian holiday-makers flock to Indonesia on holiday every year but if you’re planning on going you should be extremely careful about where you purchase alcoholic beverages, 82 people died in April from drinking bootlegged alcohol.

The catastrophe in April happened near the nation’s capital, killing 82 people and resulting in the hospitalisation of dozens more.

Authorities found that the fatal mix contained pure alcohol combined with herbal beverages and high-caffeine energy drinks.

A police official said one of the ingredients was mosquito repellent.

The cheap alcohol apparently sold for around 20,000 rupiah ($1.45) per unit.

Indonesia has heavy taxes on alcohol which prompts many to produce their own alcoholic beverages at home, unsafely and unmonitored. These home made brews have been linked to an alarming number of fatalities including in 2016 when 36 people died.

For more visit http://time.com/5237269/indonesia-82-deaths-bootleg-liquor/



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