5 Quick Tips For Bartenders

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5 Quick Tips for Bar Tenders

RSA Training

Online will teach you that bar tending can be a tricky business, so a few tips can go a long way.

1. The trick to flaming brandy is to heat both, the brandy and the glass, before you try to ignite.

2. Buy nursing shoes, your feet will thank you later.

3. Use superglue to mend a cut instead of band-aids.

4. Buy a nice bar tending recipe book to keep behind the bar, like Mr. Boston’s or Big Book of Shots.

5. When in doubt, vodka. It may not be the right ingredient, but when you can’t remember the right ingredient, vodka goes with everything. So go online and get your RSA QLD (or any state) certificate online, this will mean that you can work in any bar around Australia, make use of these tips and become a professional bar tender.



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