$100K Prize Up for Bartenders

An amazing competition has been announced by Diageo who will be sponsoring the $100,000 prize for the best bartender. The 2013 World Class competition winner will then represent Oz in the global competition. Part of the prize also includes mentorship from experts in the industry who will assist the winner in opening his/her own bar. The entries open mid-August for the 2013 competition.

Theshout.com.au reported on the competition :

 “World Class is not only about showcasing the world’s best bartenders and highlighting their craft. It’s about inspiring people to experiment with spirits and create fine drinking experiences at home,” Diageo Australia marketing director, Matt Bruhn, said.

 “The small bar scene continues to see strong growth and I feel that’s a great thing. We think that by helping next year’s winner realise their dream of opening their own bar we’re well on our way to achieving our vision of changing lives and promoting a better drinking culture in Australia and beyond.”

 The World Class competition is organised by Diageo Reserve, and is considered the world’s most prestigious and prolific bartending competition, which aims to unearth the world’s best bartender, a title that was won this year by Australian bartender Tim Philips (pictured).

 “It was amazing to win the global title in Rio a couple of weeks ago, it goes to show that bartending in Australia is in a great place right now and we’re only going from strength to strength. I can’t wait to get involved in World Class next year as a mentor and judge – World Class does change lives, I can personally attest to that,” Philips says.

Source: http://www.theshout.com.au/2012/08/08/article/Diageo-announces-100K-World-Class-prize/ESMWTQRSEY.html


With these kinds of prizes up for grabs bartenders will want to hone the skills. So we have included some tips to make you a better bartender.

1.       Maintain a Good Attitude

The most important thing a bartender can wear is a smile. No matter what your mood, customers shouldn’t suffer because of it. Keep a good attitude and treat every customer equally well. Greet all of them when they arrive and thank them when they leave.

2.       Make Suggestions

Show customers you care by making suggestions of what’s good. Set down a cocktail napkin for each customer and recite the specials. Most people are probably not regulars and will look to you for advice.

3.       Remember People’s Orders

Remember your patron’s orders and give them the correct drinks no matter how busy the bar may be. Nothing annoys a customer more than waiting for their drink and then getting the wrong one.

4.       Be prepared for everything.

Always be prepared for emergencies. Keep you bar well stocked, limes/lemons, glasses, ice etc. If you see a customer’s drink down offer them another before they ask. If you anticipate the needs of the bar beforehand everything will go more smoothly.

5.       Honesty Counts

Do not under pour or over charge.  Once you get a bad reputation it will be difficult to lose and will be bad for the business. It may even cost you your job and possibly impact future prospects and tips.

6.       Don’t Fixate on Tips

Don’t be obsessive about tips and count your tips everytime someone hands it to you, you will appear unprofessional. Take the tips you are given, do your best every time and the pay will add up. Also, don’t ever “beg” for tips, this is simply bad etiquette and embarrassing.

7.       Ask for proof

Part of responsible service is making sure the people you serve are of legal drinking age. If you doubt someones age, ask for a proof of ID.  Consequences for serving a minor are severe, and could cost you and the business a lot of money and maybe even your job.

8.        Always Be Professional

Everything we have discussed has alluded to this, be professional at all times. Maintain a professional attitude and appearance. Being professional will make customers trust you and therefore return to your bar time and time again. Keeping the conversations friendly, wearing clean clothes appropriate for the establishment and maintaining a professional attitude will create an environment patrons will appreciate.  Treat your job as a bartender seriously even if it is just temporary and it will pay off.

Posted by Peter Cutforth



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