Dublin’s First Alcohol-free Pub

Ireland’s first alcohol free bar has opened in Dublin and there’s no food or alcohol on the menu but plenty of no-alcohol spirits, beers, wines and cocktails. Owner of the Virgin Mary Bar, Vaughan Yates said the venue is definitely a bar and not a cafe opening between 4pm and 11pm. He explains that lower […]

Cocktail Hour? Try The Bellini

The quintessential Italian and more especially Venetian cocktail is the Prosecco based cocktail – Bellini. With multiple variations out there, the original which was created at Harry’s Bar in Venice is made with peaches. Here’s a really good Bellini cocktail recipe for anyone who wants to give it their first try.

Awesome Game of Thrones Cocktails

Although Game of Thrones has come to an end, one that most people aren’t too happy about, you can still relive the glory days with these 3 Game of Thrones inspired party cocktails. The first is an ode to the Mother of Dragons which is as dramatic as Kaleesi herself. Watch the video and give […]

What to Avoid if You’re Trying to Lose Weight

If you’re trying to lose weight, some health experts advocate cutting down on alcohol especially if you enjoy cocktails or the more high calorie drinks. The occasional alcoholic drink won’t do your diet harm but one drink that you may want to keep away from is high-alcohol craft beer.That is because it is full of […]

Tips To Alcohol-Free Travel

Have you considered going alcohol free on your next holiday, not only for your safety but also who wants to waste time nursing a hangover when they’re on holiday. A recent article on Abc.net.au gave some advice for people who want to have a good time on holiday minus the alcohol. Develop a strategy to […]

Global Wine Production Hits 15 Year High

Wine remains our favourite tipple (in terms of consumption volumes) and the good news is that there is no shortage in sight, in fact wine output globally saw a year-on-year surge of 17 per cent in 2018, reaching the highest level in 15 years. A report by the International Organization for Vine and Wine (OIV), […]

Parents Are Still The Main Source of Alcohol to Children

Alarmingly, despite repeated health warnings parents are still the main source of alcohol for high school students. Health warnings about the harmful effects of drinking on children are being ignored by parents who are giving their underaged children alcohol. A surprising 43 per cent of children between 12 and 17 years old were given their […]

Cool Gin Cocktails

Gin is one of those drinks that lost popularity for a while but has become popular again with the ‘in’ crowd. So why not try one of these gin cocktails that is sure to have anyone loving gin.