Women Barred from Buying Alcohol in Sri Lanka

The Sri Lankan president has sparked outrage after re-instating a  law banning women from buying alcohol and serving alcohol in bars. The 39 year old law was originally revoked by the finance ministry however the president ordered the ban be reinstated, despite concerns that laws were sexist. When the law was revoked, the finance minister […]

A Guide to Hangover Cures

There is so much debate around which hangover cures are best, which ones work and which one’s are just old wives tales. In our opinion the best cure is prevention, so drink in moderation and alternate one alcoholic drink with one glass of water and you can probably avoid getting a hangover altogether. If this […]

Online Help for Teens That Drink

With many young people using alcohol to cope with mental health issues like anxiety and nervousness, a cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) program has been developed by the experts at the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre. Research has shown that only 1 in 4 youths seek professional help for their mental health issues but many […]

Keep Liquor Away from Your Pets.

Although the festive season is over, the message of keeping your alcohol away from your pets is one that we need to adhere to throughout the year. Pets and alcohol don’t mix, no matter how “funny” it may sound to see your dog intoxicated. Although most animals aren’t too tempted by alcohol itself, they may […]

Should You Line Your Stomach Before Drinking?

There are many theories about whether or not lining your stomach before a  night out will help you avoid a hangover, but is it true. Some people opt for milk while some Mediterranean countries opt for a spoon full of olive oil but are these real remedies or simply myths? Scientists say lining your stomach […]

St Kilda Foreshore could Get Alcohol Ban

A popular Melbourne public space may face a permanent alcohol ban. The local council is considering permanent action after a Christmas party got out of hand with people also getting injured on St Kilda’s foreshore. The City of Port Phillip released a statement where it explained the unexpected road closures and the massive clean-up bill […]

Look Out for these Signs of Alcohol Dependence

There’s a difference between someone to appreciates a good glass of their favourite tipple and someone who depends on it to function. Knowing which of the 2 categories you fall in to is important  because as one writer explains, you don’t have to hit rock bottom before seeking help. If you have an unhealthy dependence […]

Study Claims Male Scent Makes Women Drink

According to researchers from the University of South Florida, the scent of a man can actually prompt a woman to drink more alcohol than usual. The study by the university’s Department of Psychology previously found that a woman’s scent at the fertile phase of the menstrual cycle can prompt a man to drink more. This […]