Real World Tips for Resisting Alcohol Cravings

If you’re cutting back on alcohol, giving up or just decided to drink more responsibly, here are some tips for resisting those alcohol cravings. Identify your motivation – why do you want to quit or cut down. Having a motivator will help you remember why you’re doing it, for you health, your kids etc. 2. […]

$208 Versus $6 Cocktail

Are all cocktails created equal or is it really worth spending more to get a quality cocktail. Watch the video below to find out. These guys test out whether the $208 cocktail is any better than a $6 cocktail.

Ten Easy Cocktails to Recreate at Home

If you have to make a lot of cocktails in a short amount of time, here’s a really useful video that may help. This guy shows you how to make 10 easy cocktails in just 10 minutes. Just make sure you have a couple of mates around to help you test them out and not […]

New Hospitality School Launched at Vic University

The hospitality industry in Australia is booming, with the need for skilled workers growing. In light of the high demand for hospitality workers, Victoria University has launched a new hospitality school to focus on hospitality, tourism and event management. The faculty will offer accredited training and education ranging from certificates to PhDs with the school […]


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