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NSW Government Releases Fact Sheet for Licensees

The New South Wales Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing (OLGR) recently released a fact sheet for liquor licensees detailing the reforms which were passed by Parliament last week Friday. The changes were implemented so swiftly in a large part due to the mounting pressure the government was receiving from the public to act to […]

Alcohol Ruining the Lives of Young People in NSW

New South Wales like many other states is suffering from the effects of excessive drinking on the youth and according to the opposition if the state government does not act soon many more young lives may be ruined by the scourge of excessive alcohol. The opposition has called upon the NSW government to “stand up” […]

Toxic Liquor Incident in India leads to 42 deaths so far

When travelling to other countries particularly those in the developing world we need to be careful about the drinks we consume especially alcoholic drinks. This is because yet another toxic alcohol incident has taken place in India this time claiming the lives of at least 42 people. At least 42 people have died in hospitals […]

Young Women Warned to avoid developing Alcoholic Liver Disease

According to Australian specialists young women between the ages of 20 and 29 are increasingly being treated for advanced liver disease as a result of steady and dangerous drinking since their teenage years. Doctors have warned that even professional women are becoming the victims of liver disease and having to be hospitalised for alcoholic cirrhosis. […]

Police Warn Residents that Sly Grogging will not be Tolerated

Police in Woorabinda, the Aboriginal community west of Gladstone and Rockhampton have warned that bringing alcohol into the community will not be tolerated. The process is known as “sly grogging” and is responsible for alcohol fuelled violence and other social problems stemming from alcohol in the community. Police have issued a reminder to residents of […]

New One-Punch Laws to help Curb Sydney Violence

The level of alcohol fuelled violence in Sydney has certainly gotten to a dangerous extent but are the new laws implemented by the government warranted? That is the question many are asking themselves. As servers in the hospitality industry it is important that we keep abreast with any new laws and news relating to alcohol […]

Neknomination Extreme Measures

Some people are taking the Neknominations to the extreme, even coming up with a way of turning it into something positive whereas others are just using it to get publicity and promote irresponsible behaviour as one British student recently proved. The video below shows the British student Rebecca Dagley stripping down to lingerie in a […]